Pelvic Physiotherapy is designed to help you with your pelvic floor rehabilitation

Whether you have pelvic pain and need to release your muscles for pain relief or whether you have weakness and need to strengthen for control. When you cannot find your pelvic floor and when your pelvic floor does not respond to your exercise therapy then you need more.

Pelvic Physiotherapy is a website by Maeve Whelan MSc MISCP at Milltown Physiotherapy (Dublin, Ireland) to assist patients as well as women’s & men’s health physiotherapists in the management of pelvic floor dysfunction.

“We offer you an understanding as to reasons why and some new techniques to help you with these barriers”


To help with your pelvic floor rehabilitation


Release the pelvic floor muscles achieving a balance across the pelvic floor


Strengthen our pelvic floor in a way that optimises it’s performance

Questions about the exercises?

It is not possible to answer all questions in relation to the exercises via this website. At our Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic our Chartered Physiotherapists with a special interest in Pelvic Floor would be able to help, it might be time to visit one.

To book an appointment with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists

Please visit our clinic website at www.milltownphysiotherapy.com/contact or call us +35312960603


With experience in treating the pelvic floor muscles?

Our Pelvic Floor Manual Therapy Course will interest you

This Advanced Course in Pelvic Floor Manual Therapy will further skills in pelvic floor evaluation and manual techniques. Physiotherapists should have basic knowledge of the pelvic floor anatomy and already be working with pelvic floor dysfunction Courses are ongoing at intervals in Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic, Dublin (Ireland).

Pelvic floor manual therapy

Thanks to our courses many therapists are now skilled to help you

Physiotherapists that are listed on this site have done a manual therapy course with Maeve Whelan

They have developed the skills to evaluate and treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction to establish where taut bands and trigger points contribute to chronic pelvic pain and chronic pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Would you like to arrange a course with Maeve Whelan?

If you would like to organize a Manual Therapy Course regionally or in your country please contact Maeve at info@milltownphysiotherapy.com.