A short or tense muscle is identified by internal examination and then released centrally along the bulk of the muscle or at the attachment to bone which is often more uncomfortable.

A taut band will often refer pain elsewhere in the pelvic floor or to the hips or rectum or may just be painful on the spot. Once held for a few seconds the pain eases. Treatment will always involve addressing the whole body whether it is the spinal musculoskeletal system or the reaction and behaviour of the body to pain.

There are also nerves in the pelvic floor and they can be mobilised along their pathways.

Manual therapy should not be so painful that the patient reacts by tensing up. The pelvic floor muscles should NOT be sore after manual therapy.

Pelvic floor manual therapy: Trigger point Complex

The mobility of the pelvic floor can be seen to change on realtime ultrasound following a session of manual therapy.