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START BY lying on your back with your knees bent or lying on your side.

Exercise: 5-10 min/day
(increase to 3 times/day if in pain)

START BY lying on your back with your knees bent or lying on your side.

SNIFF in through the nose

Breathe or SNIFF in through the nose, keep the chest down and allow the stomach to fill up or FLOP out keeping it soft.

Stay on the in-breath for 3 seconds keeping the stomach soft.

When your timing and effort is correct you should notice that your in-breath is considerably longer than your out-breath, your out-breath should almost disappear, this indicates that you have let all your tension go on the in-breath. It should be as if the air has disappeared.

Your out breath should sound like ‘hah’ as if cleaning you glass

The less effort the better the connection will be – don’t force it

FLOP swell or fill out your soft stomach

Flop swell or fill out your soft stomach into your fingertips placed under your ribs on your upper abdomen.

DROP release or open at the back passage -backwards

When your abdomen is soft and filling out sufficiently while you keep your chest down as the diaphragm descends, you can then expect to feel a connection to the pelvic floor as it too lets go- the DROP.


you must think of going into a state of complete relaxation and almost meditation


The sniff should be relatively swift to ensure a complete release, if it is slow the muscle tends to hold on and control the release.

The maximal release of the pelvic floor should happen as you start the sniff in.


Think of the direction of release of the pelvic floor, it lets go backwards towards the base of the spine.

Think of the arms of the U-shape of muscle lengthening backwards to the base of the spine. Small u becomes capital U!